NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav
NMSF Science Utsav

Science Utsav

Teachers Conference
students exhibition.

Science Utsav 2021

Navi Mumbai Science Foundation (NMSF) in association with Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR) and National Centre for Science Communicators (NCSC) has conducted the Scienc Utsav Teachers' conference 2021 on 6th Fen 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the event was conducted online. For the same reason the second day of the event meant for students' exhibition has been differed to a later date.
Proceedings TC 2021

Theme for Teachers’ Conference 2021 Developing Online Interactive Environment for Science Teaching and Learning
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought before us unprecedented challenges. Education is especially disrupted due to the various lockdown and distancing measures in place. Many teachers and students across the country are struggling to cope with the challenges while keeping teaching and learning alive. The challenges are great in science teaching as it involves working with materials and experimentation and observation. At the same time, the problems in making use of technology not only to attend school but to share their work/ ideas has not been easy for students. A conference aiming to voice the challenges, efforts, and innovations that teachers have been undertaking to achieve successful science teaching is a need of the hour. Therefore, we announce a conference that engages with teachers, principals, and parents on “Developing an online interactive environment for science teaching and learning”. This theme will help collate various ideas and resources that have emerged in this pandemic to cope with online teaching-learning, as well as provide a platform for our science educators to present their topic-specific challenges.
Sub-themes 1. Tools for Interaction in the Online Mode 2. Planning and Designing for Online Science Teaching 3. Scientific Temper in the Online Class 4. Challenges in Teaching Science in the Online Mode 5. Science Experiments and Online Teaching The one-day online conference consists of Lecture by the chief-guest (Dr. A.P. Deshpande, NCSC), Chitra Natarajan Memorial lecture, four invited talks eleven oral presentation by contributing teachers. Teachers also contributed their essays to be published in the proceedings. a few invited talks by experts on this subject, and mainly, oral and poster presentations of “contributions by participating teachers”. The days program also included felicitation of Ms. Sangeeta Sohni, awardee of President's National Teacher's awards 2020, and Vikram Sarabhai essay competition winning students. The paper by Gautam R. Karve of Podar International School was selected as the most relevant paper of the conference.

Science Utsav 2020

NAVI MUMBAI SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NMSF) in association with Shree Gujarati Samaj and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences conducted a two day Science Utsav on 11th and 12th Jan. 2020 at Gujarat Bhavan Vashi. The first day of the event was dedicated to Teachers' Conference. On the second day students from Navi Mumbai schools exhibited their experiments for public interaction.

Proceedings TC 2020

Day One 11 Jan. 2020: Teachers' Conference: "Effective Science teaching - learning strategies for classroom"

Concept Note

Science education occupies an important place in the development of individuals, society and nation at large. In order to succeed in life the young generation needs to be scientifically literate, and also be explorers, inquirers, critical thinkers and problem solvers. The development of these skills among learners depends upon the teaching-learning scenarios in schools. It can be viewed from two perspectives: i) active, participatory and collaborative learning environments in classrooms & ii) research based pedagogical innovations for science education by teachers among teachers. However, in the Indian context, the status of science teaching-learning is far from exemplary. Teachers face several challenges in their daily work, such as, poor infrastructure, unsatisfactory labs, pressure of curriculum load and examinations are some of them. Over-crowded classrooms or classrooms with diverse and heterogenous groups of students in schools are challenges which teachers have to face in their daily routine. These challenges can result in lack of individual attention for students, a non-participatory learning environment and total negligence of children with special needs. The situation also increases frustration among teachers. Schools and teachers must create workable solutions to make the best out of an adverse situation. This conference provides a platform for teachers to share their thoughts, experiments and interventions for making science learning effective even in difficult situations, such as teaching in diverse and heterogenous classrooms. Following are the main theme and sub-themes on which papers are invited. While theoretical papers are accepted, sharing of actual field-based experiences will be most welcome.
Main Theme: Effective science teaching-learning strategies for classrooms
Sub Themes:
  • a) Designing engaging learning tasks for classrooms
  • b) Active learning strategies: their development and use
  • c) Action research, interventions and experiments in science education in classrooms:
  • d) Dealing with diversities in classrooms
  • e) Reporting learning episodes from classrooms
  • f) Teacher collaborations for effectiveness in classrooms
  • g) Taking note of students’ informal ideas in the classroom

Teachers from Navi Mumbai & nearby areas like Panvel, Mumbai and Anushaktinagar participated.

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Kalpana Kharade, HBCSE, Mumbai which was followed by invited lectures and contributed lectures by teachers

The program concluded with feedback from the participating teachers.

The volume containing the proceedings of the conference was also released during the conference.

Day two 12 Jan. 2020: Students Exhibition "Exhibition of Science Experiments by students" of Std. VII to IX. Through this exhibition, NMSF encourages the students to display their creativity and understanding of scientific principles by exhibiting the experiments designed by them.

All the participating teams received "Participation Certificates".

Scientific Demonstrations:

During the Utsav, NMSF also organized Scientific Demos from premier institutions and individuals in Mumbai for the benefit of the students and general public. The following organizations participated:

  1. Nehru Science Centre, Worli, Mumbai.
  2. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE, TIFR), Mankhurd.
  3. Origami Thane, Thane.
  4. Prof. Kavathekar's "Science through Toys".

Participants of students exhibition were given prizes during the valedictory function.

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