World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF
World Nuclear Energy Day 2014 NMSF

World Nuclear Energy
Day - 2014

Date: 2nd of Dec., 2014
Venue : K.B.P. College, Vashi.


World Nuclear Energy Day 2014


Dates: 2nd of Dec., 2014. Venue : K.B.P. College, Vashi.

Navi Mumbai Science Foundation (NMSF) has started observing 2nd December as World Nuclear Day since 2013 by organizing Enrico Fermi memorial lecture and a panel discussion especially for students who are the decision makes of future in association with KBP College Vashi, Indian Association of Radiation Protection and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences, to commemorate the historic event of operation of the first nuclear reactor by Enrico Fermi on 2nd December, 1942

This year (2014) World Nuclear Energy Day was also accompanied by Exhibition on BARC technologies arranged by Media Relations and Public Awareness Section, BARC. The delegates were welcomed by Principal KBP College and were briefed by Dr. A.M. Bhagwat Chairman NMSF about genesis of World Nuclear Energy Day. In his Enrico Fermi Memorial Lecture Padma Vibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Former chairman Atomic Energy Commission, pointed out that nuclear energy based electricity generation is sustainable in terms of resources as well as environment and therefore it is an essential means for nation to meet its rapidly increasing energy needs. He analyzed the barriers encountered by Nuclear energy as well as the possible solutions. Mr. S. Duraisamy Former Vice Chairman, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) explained to the audience how AERB ensures the safety of occupational workers, the public including the environment. Shri. Sharma, Additional Chief Engineer, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL) in his presentation explained fundamentals of nuclear power and busted several myths that are prevalent in society. Dr. M.S. Kulkarni from Radiological Physics and Advisory Division BARC discussed various features that reduce the probability of major accidents and emergency preparedness plans in case an accident does occur.

These invited talks were followed by a Panel discussion on "Safety in Generation of Nuclear Power" and "Uses of Ionizing Radiations" chaired by Dr. B.N. Jagatap, Director Chemistry Group BARC.

In this discussion, Dr. (Smt) Korde (BARC) spoke on Nuclear Medicine and discussed the basics of Radiopharmaceuticals along with their contribution to the cancer treatment. Dr. Mehetre (BARC) addressed how Nuclear energy can help agricultural sector through supply of radiation processed seeds that produce high yielding, early maturing crops. Dr .Thakare (BARC) dealt with production of isotopes and explained how their various applications in paper, rubber and crude oil industries like oil and gas lead to cost cutting.

Dr. B.N. Jagatap moderated this panel discussion as well as the subsequent Question and Answers session and also did the summing up of the proceedings. The overall intensity and character of the response from participating students attested the topicality of this program and called for its extension to highest possible level.

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